About KitToken

Token Information

Token name : KitToken
Token Ticker : KIT
Token decimal : 18
Contract address : 0x080eb7238031f97ff011e273d6cad5ad0c2de532

ICO Sale Information & Tokenomics

Token For ICO : 3,500,000,000
Tokens Sold in ICO : 2,800,000,000
Tokens left in ICO : 582,551,700
Tokens left in bonuses: 442,414,700
Tokens to be burnt: 1,024,966,400
Total amount raised in ICO : 117,447,182 USD
Total Number of tokens = 8,000,000,000
Total tokens for sale = 3,500,000,000
Total Reserve = 2,500,000,000
Total tokens for Bounty : 2,000,000,000
Distributed(Bounty) : 246,910,300


Q3 - 2017

The Journey Began

Concept Design
Research on Cryptocurrency Market
Research on traditional Money Transfer medium among ASEAN Countries

Q4 - 2017

Technical Foundation was laid

Technical Specification
Survey on users experience & choices regarding current money transfer & payment method
Approach travel agencies regarding new, fast, cheap & reliable payment method
Building network among cryptocurrency and corporate community
Approach financial & technical partners
Constructing human resources requirement for operational purposes

Q1 - 2018

Established Legally

Finalizing necessary legal procedure with local financial agency as well as international body
Develop KIT Website Establishing financial & technical partners

Q2 - 2018

Alpha testing of platform

KIT Alpha and Establishing platform
Preparing KIT Token white paper

Q3 - 2018

Launching of the token Sales

Launching KitPay Web and Apps wallet V1.0
Token Distribution to wallet
Advertising KIT on all possible social media platform
Release of KIT Airdrops (Free 200 million KIT)
Pre-Sales : 20th - 31st July
ICO sales : 1st to 20th August.

Q4 - 2018

Mission Started

Launching Laundry project
Develop web and wallet apps V 2.0
KIT wallet system integration for purchasing goods & services
Listing KIT on CMC
Strengthen partnership and enhance marketing campaign
Introduce KitBay the online shopping platform

Q1 - 2019

Early Strengthening Phase

Partnering with local and international bank
Listed in CMC listed Exchanger
Dashboard wallet by end of February
Kit wallet end by Q1 of 2019

Q2 - 2019

Summer development phase

Kit wallet system integration V2.0
Distribute token bonus
Launching of laundry management system
Listed in CMC listed exchanger
Launching of Travel & Tour project

Q3 - 2019

Beyond imagination

Initiating the neuroscience centre project and mini hydro project
Listed in CMC listed exchanger
Launching of KIT Blockchain
Launching of KIT decentralized exchange
Launching of student accomodation project


The Future

Listed to more exchanger
Initiate project on expressway construction and KitBank